Teething Jewelry Safety & Care

1. What is your teething jewelry made of? How do I know it’s safe for my precious one to chew on?

Since our necklaces are made to be chewed on my babies, the safety of our jewelry is paramount to us! Each of our teething jewelry are made from food grade silicon, which means that they’ve passed strict FDA-standard testing to ensure that they’re safe for use in contact with food. Each batch is also tested in FDA-certified labs to ensure that they are BPA, phthalate and heavy metal-free.

Every batch of material that we bring in comes with mandatory testing certificates and each bead is inspected for manufacturing defects before making them into our necklaces or bracelets. Before we send out the pieces, a final quality check is done on the beads, knots and clasps before we send them out.

2. Where are the pieces made? Is there a guarantee on your teething jewelry?

While the raw material for our jewelry is made in China, each and every piece is handmade locally with love. As such, we do not provide a guarantee on our jewelry. That being said, should you find any defects with the pieces you receive, please contact us within 30 days of receipt and we’d be happy to replace it for you.

Orders, Payment & Online Security

1. How do I place an order?

You can place your orders through our online shop.

2. What if I want to customize a necklace?

For necklace customization requests, kindly write to us with your customization request details and we’ll be in touch.

Also you can use our customizing options featured in the Shop.

3. HELP! I made a mistake in my order! Who can I contact for help?

Don’t worry, we’re all human. Just write to us or drop us a line to let us know your order number and the correction to be made, we’ll do the rest!

4. Do you accept credit cards or Paypal?

Yes, we accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX through our online shop’s payment gateway.

5. How secure is shopping through your online store? Is my personal data SAFE?

We use SSL-protocol on our site so your data is safe and protected.

We also use proven and well known PayPal payment gateway, which takes care of all transactions on site.


1. I’m not located in Singapore but I really love your teething jewelry. Do you ship internationally?

We certainly can arrange for it. Do contact us directly for overseas shipping rates and to place an order!

2. How much does shipping cost?

All orders are hand-delivered by tracked courier service which operates 365 days a year. For local orders below SG$50, a delivery charge of S$5 will be added to your cart upon checkout.
For orders above SG$50, delivery is FREE! Whoo hoo!

3. I’ve just placed my order through the online website. When can I get my jewelry?

Typically, local delivery will take 2-3 business days after receipt of the payment and a tracking number will be provided to you after the delivery has been arranged.

Kindly note that during festive seasons, the delivery may take up to 3-4 days depending on traffic volume.

Estimated shipping times will also be provided for international order enquiries.


1. I love your jewelry! I’d like to explore a corporate partnership to supply teething jewelry as part of my company’s gift to new moms!

We’d definitely be happy to supply teething jewelry for corporate orders too. Please write to us to find out more about our attractive corporate pricing for bulk orders.

2. You have a really unique product! We’d like to invite you to market your product with us! Who can I contact for more details on our packages?

Thank you!

We’d certainly be happy to explore partnership opportunities! Do drop us a note at hello@anabcollections.com with the details and we’ll be in touch!

If you haven’t found the answer needed, feel free to send us an email!