Hi there!

I’m Sabrina, a mom to an easily distracted and constantly inquisitive baby girl who loves to pick, pull and chew on anything I wear around my neck. All the pretty necklaces I had were not safe from her tiny prying fingers and she was getting so strong that she could easily yank them apart. I constantly worried her tiny fingers would get caught around the chains or stuck between the larger links. We definitely needed a better way to look good and still keep her safe!

Ana B Beads was thus born, to provide fashionable mamas safe and fun teething jewellery to look stunning while keeping our little ones safe and happy! Each and every designs is personally put together by me, hence you won’t find another piece quite like it elsewhere. I love to customise new designs too so if you have something in mind or can’t find one you like on the store, talk to me and let’s create something that’s just for you!

It’s been a real blessing to be able to create products and designs that are loved not just by moms around the world but also by their little darlings. I hope to be able to design and create many more lovely and functional products to bring smiles to mums all around the world.

Teething Jewellery? What’s that?

Ana B Beads specialises in customised handmade teething jewellery – which are really just teethers in the form of pretty necklaces, bracelets, carrier accessories, etc!

Naturally, they would have to be safe for chewing so each piece of assembled from only lab-certified FDA-approved food grade soft silicon beads and are non-toxic, free from heavy metals, odourless and tasteless, and completely safe for babies to chew on. They provide welcome relief for fussy babies (and their mummies!) when they teethe & make awesome gifts for accessory-starved moms everywhere!

Eye-catching and fashionable, our lovely pieces are great for nursing babies looking for something to grasp and play around with rather than scratching and pulling at mummy’s hair.


We are passionate about ensuring that Mummies everywhere stay as fashionable and gorgeous as ever, so if you have any comments, suggestions or special requests, feel free to drop us a note! We look forward to hearing from you!

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